Straight from the Horse's Heart

The meeting will be live-streamed at

This meeting will be about BLM’s plans for STERILIZATION and CREATING MINIMALLY REPRODUCING HERDS of the already mostly non-viable remaining herds of wild horses & burros. 

It has been OVER 3 YEARS since the public became aware that Tom Davis bought over 1,700 wild horses.  When are we going to get a report on the BLM’s investigation into this?   Tim Harvey is the only member of the Advisory Board who continually asks for the report on the investigation into Tom Davis at these national meetings.   Thank you for following up on this, Tim.

dp_tom_davis_630x420_121110Tom Davis  (photo: Dave Philipps)

Did you ever wonder why these national advisory board meetings aren’t videotaped by the BLM and put on permanent record for the public on the BLM Wild Horse & Burro website?   (The public can’t see the BLM’s presentations on the meeting notes.  Since…

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