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truth or lie

Houston, TX – I first learned that pet overpopulation is a myth about 8 years ago after reading Nathan Winograd’s book, Redemption.   Pet “overpopulation” means too many pets and not enough homes.  But, No Kill shelters across the country have found that pet overpopulation does not exist because they are saving all healthy and treatable pets.  If “overpopulation” was real, they would not be able to end the killing of healthy and treatable shelter pets.  It would be impossible.   But, these shelters have done just that.  Just because some “shelters” are still killing pets does not mean that there aren’t enough homes. 

Other myths/excuses for killing pets such as “shelters can’t adopt their way out of killing” have been proven to be false as No Kill shelters continue to do exactly that. 

I recently uncovered that yet another excuse used by kill shelters, and their defenders, is a myth…

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