This is a movie I have been wanting to see. Gyllenhaal seems to be choosing great scripts one after another. I liked his earlier movies Zodiac and Prisoners.


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The main protagonist in the film “Nightcrawler,” Lou Bloom, is a loner, thief, and hustler, portrayed in an engrossing manner by Oscar nominated and BAFTA winner, Jake Gyllenhaal (Southpaw). Little is learned about the character’s background throughout the movie. One thing that is known, is that he is driven to make money; it is something he looks to gain through any duplicitous means necessary. At the start of the film, the viewer is shown Lou cutting copper fencing, which he will later sell. He is stopped in the act by a security guard (Michael Papajohn) who he beats up; adding insult to injury, he also takes the man’s watch. A short time later, after selling his stolen material to the owner of a scrapyard (Marco Rodriguez), he asks the man if he can have a job with his company. The request is met with a prompt rejection; the…

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