Employees with links to dog fighting.. This abuse needs to stop ASAP.

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Euthanasia. It is a word meant to be filled with reverence and mercy; a selfless decision to release a loved one from their suffering and likely the hardest thing you will face concerning your pet. It is the ultimate gesture of love for another living being.

It is not the word you should see printed at the top of a spreadsheetto reflect the shocking volume of companion pets killed at your local shelter and it certainly should not be the mask to acts so heinous that once uncovered criminal indictments and convictions of cruelty are handed down.

But in Memphis, that is exactly what happens.


I relocated from Baltimore to Memphis mid-2010 and as I made my way into the city on a major interstate, I spotted a pack running along the tree line – two dogs and a pig.  Yes, a pig.  I had no idea what to think about that but…

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