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Separation Anxiety

separation anxiety

This can be a mild to a serious problem in some dogs. Dogs like to be with their pack members; maybe too

much, and develop a case of separation anxiety. Depending on the age, confidence, and energy, this can be


For young dogs, a good walk, play (to get their energy down, along with something to do while you’re away as

they’re inside their crate) can help them concentrate on the kong or chewie, and less about your leaving. Only

give the special treat when you’re leaving. No other time.

Energetic dogs can develop a much higher sense of separation anxiety, so it’s best to give them a good

workout if they’ll be in a crate for awhile. Again, use a stuffed kong, puzzle, or chewie to give them something

to do when you leave. Make sure the puzzle and/or kong, are safe and can’t be digested.

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