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Bloodhound News

On Sunday, August 9th, Sidara D. Son watched in horror as Sgt. Chad Culbreath, 35th Precinct, Badge #3207 of the Philadelphia Police Department ran down and killed her dog Phoebe.

Phoebe snuggles with her favorite toy Phoebe snuggles with her favorite toy

Culbreath was on a routine patrol through the area.  Son and her friends were socializing outside her home.  One of her friends was holding Phoebe by the collar.  Sensing danger, Son and her friends tried to flag down the police car and asked him to slow down.  At that moment Phoebe escaped from the person holding her and tried to run to her owner.  According to witnesses, Sgt. Culbreath sped up his car and deliberately ran Phoebe down and almost hit the person who was trying to recapture her.

Son ran to her dog and gathered her broken, bleeding body into her arms.  Culbreath stopped his cruiser and got out.  “It’s just a dog!”…

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