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This may make it easier for me to quickly and easily find posts or advice to help myself or others educate people who want to go vegan.

“I’m anemic.”

“Vegans don’t get b12”

“I’m allergic to nuts/soy”

“I have an eating disorder”

“I’m diabetic (type one)(type two)

“Veganism is too expensive”

How will I get my protein?

Then there are arguments like: “Lions eat meat, we were built to eat meat!” Which are easily debunked


“If no one eats animals, they’ll take over and overpopulate!” Well actually the only reason why their are so many livestock animals is because we mass breed them to be able to meat the demand of about 500+ animals a year for probably 6 billion people in the world. If we stopped breeding them we’d have less animals.

“What about plants? No one cares about plants?” Well it takes about 16x the vegetation…

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