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1981 is a year in which, statistically, the crime in New York City, was at its apex in regard to murder, rape, and other violent felonies. Abel Morales is an engrossing character portrayed by Golden Globe nominee, Oscar Isaac (Ex-Machina). He is a first generation immigrant and upwardly mobile businessman, who owns and operates the Standard Heating Oil company, a business which he took over from his father-in-law. Abel is not interested in taking criminal shortcuts to achieve his piece of the American dream. He is attempting to do everything by the book; that combined with his work ethic, ingenuity, and excellent business acumen, should be enough to reach his goals, but they are not. While Abel wants to play by the rules, numerous individuals around him are looking to thwart his efforts, and doing what they can in order to put him out of business.


“A Most Violent…

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