The Paw Report

Today, activists from Collectively Free, Direct Action Everywhere NYC and Direct Action Everywhere Mass Connecticut disrupted the famous Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating contest. I was unable to attend, unfortunately, but looked forward to the media coverage that was sure to follow. When I was able to check my phone, I didn’t find any tweets or articles discussing the disruption. I thought that was odd… Mainstream media has so far avoided reporting on the disruption. (If you find any articles, please link them below!) But the activists filmed a video of the disruption, so please share the video and tweet about it using the hashtags: #AreYouWillingToStopTheKilling #ItsNotFoodItsViolence #CF #DxE

Pigs suffer enormously in the name of “animal agriculture.” Gestation crates, farrowing crates, castration without painkillers, separation from their families, kept in crowded pens, and then shipped off to slaughter in trucks without food or water…

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