Becoming An Earthling


Have you ever looked into a pig’s miserable eyes? Or wondered where “pork” comes from? Please don’t turn away. This is relevant to all of us.

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to join Toronto Pig Save at the All Day Vigil for Pigs At Fearmans Pork Inc in Burlington, ON. We bore witness and educated people about the ill treatment of pigs in Ontario, which reflects the treatment of pigs from all across the world. 10,000 pigs are killed at this slaughterhouse every day. In one day, I experienced the most intense emotions and inspiration from like-minded individuals who also believe that our fellow species deserve the simple right to live, just like we do. I would like to share with you all my experience.

At 10am, I arrived at the protest scene at the intersection of Applyby Line and Harvester Road. I carried 2 jugs of water and some apples…

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