Horseracing Wrongs

At least two horses were killed on American tracks yesterday:

7-year-old Hughes Next, being raced for the 44th time, went down in the 6th at Finger Lakes. The NYS Gaming Commission says only that he “broke down in the stretch and was euthanized on track…investigation to follow.” In this year alone, this pitiful piece of chattel had been shuffled among three trainers: Rodolfo Romero, Barbara McBride, and finally, Jeremiah Englehart.

In contrast to the well-worn Hughes Next, 2-year-old Johnie On the Dash was felled in her very first race, a maiden claiming at Fair Meadows. The Equibase chart says: “bucked, lost rider, euthanized.” How’s that for an epitaph?

Also, the Gaming Commission tells us that 6-year-old Sea Fighter died Tuesday at Finger Lakes from “chronic diarrhea, laminitis.” While the Commission shamelessly attempts to wash industry hands by calling this a “non-racing” death, make no mistake, Racing killed this long-abused horse:…

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