Animal Action of Greater Reading, PA

Effective immediately, Dans at Green Hills is no longer serving Foie Gras!

dans website

Our members are continuously searching for vegan dining options in the area, and sometimes that search takes a bad turn. Dans at Green Hills, a “fine dining” restaurant, happily states, “Additional daily vegetarian entrees available,” on their website.

But if you look further, the entrees read like an animal cruelty line-up: Veal, duck, lamb, and Foie Gras.

Foie Gras means “fatty liver” in French. Most people would be disgusted to eat an animal’s diseased organ, but Foie Gras is exactly that. Ducks are force-fed more than they would ever eat alone, through a large metal tube shoved down their throat until their livers become diseased. At the time of slaughter, the organ will be almost ten times its normal size.

Obviously this type of cruelty is not acceptable in our county, or anywhere. Please take…

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