From KSL, by Faith Heaton Jolley
Hogle Zoo

SALT LAKE CITY — Hogle Zoo officials said Friday they are mourning the death of their 42-year-old adult male gorilla, Tino.

Tino was transferred to Hogle Zoo from Milwaukee in 1986, according to a Hogle Zoo news release. The 42-year-old gorilla was roughly the same “age” as a 90-year-old human and due to his decline in strength and lack of comfort, animal care staff decided to humanely euthanize Tino.

“He wasn’t quite as comfortable and was having a hard time getting around,” Hogle Zoo senior veterinarian Dr. Nancy Carpenter said in the news release. “He was showing a multitude of problems and having more bad days than good — it was a quality-of-life issue.”


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