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Hey, howareya? We are Meso and Neo, Snowshoe Siamese brothers, they say—but not quite Siamese Twins, huh?

Meso 1036070 with Meso 10 yrs declawed niceWe somehow ended up at this place someone called the Shelter, but honestly, neither one of us would want to go there even if screaming Gimme Shelter. Once upon a time, we were in a nice warm, cozy home. We were with a family for about 7 years, and then BOOM, we were out. “Personal reasons,” they explained to us. Kinda impersonal as far as we’re concerned. Geez, I mean, they even had our front claws removed, which was hard to get used to. But that was years ago, and now we’re fine.

Neo 1046069 10 yrs nice declawedWe very much want to stay together. We’re really nice fellas, and enjoy 2-legged affection and attention. And get this: we like baths and being brushed gently. Please, no bubbles. And not too often. We certainly don’t go out, and…

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