You Are What You Eat


This image cracked me up and serves as a cute interlude to a very difficult post. ūüôā

Even though I know some people will have a hard time seeing this video, I have been looking forward to sharing it since we started this blog.¬† That is because this video opened our¬†eyes to the reality of the meat industry for the very first time. ¬†For us, ‚ÄúMeet Your Meat‚ÄĚ ignited¬†the¬†passion to change our lifestyle, and I hope it will be helpful to anyone else who is brave enough to see it. ¬†It‚Äôs very uncomfortable to look ‚Äėbehind the curtain‚Äô of a slaughterhouse, but¬†seeing¬†these images was a transformative experience for me. ¬†There is a¬†vast¬†difference between knowing something and seeing it with your own eyes. ¬†I always knew¬†that animals were killed to make meat, but having never actually seen what happens inside a slaughterhouse or factory farm, I was completely ignorant to the‚Ķ

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