Great Cats of the "World"

Via – Tiger Protection Society

The nine-year-long reign of Ranthambore’s tiger T-24 came to an abrupt end on Saturday. After blaming the big cat for killing a forest guard on May 8, an allegation which many wildlife activists believed had not been proved, the forest department abruptly shifted the tiger popularly known as Ustad to Udaipur’s Sajjangarh Biological Park, some 500 km from its territory in Ranthambore Tiger Reserve.

The tiger was tranquilized at around 10.30 am on Saturday and was then set on a nearly 11-hour-long journey to the biological park in a cage. The day temperature was hovering around 40 degree Celsius but ice was stocked and water was sprinkled in the cage to keep it cool for the big cat.

A team of 12 reserve officials and doctors accompanied the canter carrying the cage. The tiger’s territory that was spread over 30-40 square kilometer in…

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