PUP Dog Rescue

waffles1I wanted to take a few minutes to write down my experience finding a rescue. The last time I worked this hard to get something was either a job or a house. I had to do less paperwork to bring my babies home from the hospital.  But I couldn’t recommend the process highly enough. The outcome has been finding the most amazing dog we’ve ever known. Add to that, NOT supporting breeders made it all the sweeter (recall some 4 million dogs are put down every year in the United States).

First of all, I had no idea what a great ‘deal’ rescue is. I got an INCREDIBLE puppy, which was:

  1. Still a baby at 3 months old
  2. The exact breed we were looking for (German Shepherd / Pit Bull mix)
  3. Already crate-trained
  4. Already house-trained
  5. Already neutered
  6. Already socialized
  7. Already had first round of shots and vet visit
  8. Already microchipped

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