Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin

by Rachel Tilseth

It was a million or more years ago the wolf pup roamed throughout all of the earth with his family. East to west, and north to south the pup could see a vast wilderness full of his brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts and uncles. The earth vibrated with the sound of thunder from millions of herds and flocks of birds were so many that they resembled a dark cloud blocking the sunshine from the earth


Loud lightening & thunder came firing bullets into the gray wolf leaving a blood stain of red upon the earth.

Hate filled the earth for the wolf pup, a bounty was placed upon the pup’s family. It wasn’t long before he was gone from the earth’s wild places.

Where did all the wolf pups go? Gone from the earth and replaced with fat game herds engineered as targets for recreational sport hunting.

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