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10897805_414209538729603_2424309430562232130_nI seldom post about ‘compassion’, ‘kindness’ or even ‘love’ in relation to nonhuman rights because whilst they are admirable qualities, compassion, kindness and love do not necessarily drive our values.

It’s not out of love, kindness or compassion that we refrain from harming other humans. For example we would quite rightly be outraged to see campaigns in favour of ‘compassionate’ domestic violence, making ‘kinder choices’ about child abuse, or being ‘more loving’ about raping and murdering. No one would congratulate me for my ‘compassion’ for refusing to steal from, harm or kill another human. No one would praise me for making a ‘kinder choice’.

No, some behaviour is deeply wrong in the eyes of the vast majority of humans and we do not hesitate to call for it to end completely; we see it as black and white. To reject what we see as wrong behaviour is basic decency. To refuse to participate…

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