Source: Natural Society, by Anthony Gucciardi

Despite the billions in endless marketing on all major children’s programming avenues, even kids are eating less disease-breeding fast food. That’s the declaration from the latest statistical study on fast food consumption that comes along just as McDonald’s continues to lose profits month after month.

And we’re not talking about a small change here. You have to remember that the fast food industry absolutely thrives on convincing children to eat their chemical-laden garbage. It’s the heart of their ‘unchanging market’ as I would call it. A market that, quite unfortunately, cannot process the reality of what they’re eating. After all, how many times do you recall chowing down on some french fries as a young child and only thinking about the next bite? You weren’t concerned with the toxic ingredients like high-fructose corn syrup, MSG, trans fat, plastic yoga mat chemicals, preservatives, and the

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