Fight for Rhinos

Northern whites in sunset tony karumba AFP Northern whites at Ol Pejeta. by Tony Karumba

Plan A was to make conditions as perfect as possible to breed the last remaining Northern White Rhinos.  Ol Pejeta did everything they could to make that a possibility.

Plan B was to cross-breed the Northern whites with the Southern whites to at least perpetuate this precious gene pool. Somehow they would still live on; their genes remaining part of rhino populations to come.

But for the last living male, Sudan, and the two remaining females, Najin and daughter Fatu, this will not be an option. All three are getting on in age. Najin (25) has weak knees and cannot endure the breeding attempts. In a cruel twist of fate,  Fatu (14) is infertile, and Sudan (38) has weak sperm.

Sudan The last male Northern White Rhino on the planet, Sudan. by: Ed Barthorp/Ol Pejeta Conservancy

So now what? There’s no…

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