Fight for Rhinos

Lying in bed at night with open windows, ears tuned in to every creak, each movement. Hyper-aware, restless, anticipating and dreading the sound to end it all – the shot.

As rhinos are moved into the ‘Intensive Protection’ zones in Kruger National Park, poachers haven’t stopped targeting rhinos, they’ve simply started looking for easier targets.

Outside of the bounds of Kruger National Park, there are smaller farms privately raising and caring for rhinos. These people have little to no support. The cost of raising rhino is already high just for basic vet care and feeding. But this feat becomes almost impossible when you factor in the necessity of security.

Meet Anna
Growing up in the Limpopo area, she lived on a family farm, taught love and respect for nature and the wild animals she was exposed to.
Years down the line she met her husband who is a farmer in the…

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