‘So adorable’, most would say and indeed they are – in the wild!

cannedhunting 4

canned hunting 7 Photos from Animals HAVE Brain (Facebook site)

 However, there is a huge canned hunting industry in South Africa.

Canned hunting is the despicable activity where wild animals, in this case lions, are poached or bred in captivity solely be shot in a confined space.

These lions, often white lions, can be part of a tourist “petting” attraction and through this become habituated to humans.60 minutes, Expose on Canned Hunting, Global March For Lions, Lions, African Lions, Endangered Species, South Africas Lions, Canned Hunting, Cub Petting, Walking with Lions, Ban Canned Hunting, Ban cub petting, Ban Trophy Hunting, Lion Bone Trade, Campaign Against Canned Hunting Save Lions, Voice 4 the Pride, African Lion headed for extinction, Lion Aid, Bred for the bullet, Petted by Tourists, Killed by Tourists, The con in conservation, Lions are not Trophies, Killing is not conservation

When these lions no longer have “use value” they are taken into a pen and shot by some rich tourist.

It is alleged that the Lion Park near Johannesburg (a huge tourist attraction) sells its lions for canned hunting. This is where our protest will be on Saturday.                                                    …

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