Fight for Rhinos

“Fate rarely calls on us at a time of our choosing…”

After years of outrage over rhino poaching, one day after a teary outburst at the injustice of it all, someone suggested “Why don’t you start a blog?  It’ll at least give you a way to get your feelings out.” A blog? Am I a blogger? What do I say?

After stumbling through the first couple of posts, something clicked.  I wrote, I researched, I advocated…  yet, it wasn’t quite enough.

Then came the suggestion:  “Have you ever thought of starting a non-profit?”

Blogging’s one thing, but a charity? The idea rolled around in my head for a bit (actually violently kicked and screamed through my brain.)  But was there really a choice? I had to do more.

Then came the unexpected trip to Kenya, meeting with Ol Pejeta Conservancy, and my first wild rhino encounter…

Tisha OPC rhino 1

Parked along the dirt road, the guide pointed him out…

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