Another interesting movie brought to our attention, thanks to Robbins review.

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The film begins with a scene that shows a botched attempted robbery of money from an ATM machine. The crime is perpetrated by the main character of the movie Kylie Bucknell, and a male accomplice, who winds up knocking himself out and is never seen again. Convincingly portrayed by Morgana O’ Reilly, Kylie is an angry, sharp tongued, young woman, who receives a sentence of eight months from the New Zealand court she’s prosecuted in. The sentence, however, is not going to be carried out in a prison. Instead, she is being sent to live under home detention in her childhood home, with her well meaning, albeit constantly chattering mother, Miriam (Rima Te Wiata), and her polar opposite, quiet step-father, Graeme (Ross Harper).

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Kylie is transported by two probation officers to the house in the town of Buford, where she grew up. The sign on the highway leading to her…

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