Ever since relocating to South Carolina many years ago, and particularly since becoming an advocate for shelter pets throughout the south, I have heard the same myth repeated ad nauseum by shelter staff, volunteers and advocates in general:  The reason our shelters kill so many pets is because we don’t have strong mandatory spay-neuter (MSN) laws like they do in the north where pet overpopulation is no longer a problem.  This is false.  It is not true.  It is false and untrue and wrong on so many levels, I want to scream every time I hear it.

Let me break it down:

1. Pet overpopulation is a myth.  Do the math.  There are enough homes for every shelter pet in this country.

2.  MSN laws are not the answer to ending the killing of healthy/treatable pets in shelters.  The No Kill Equation is the only set of programs…

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