Some of you have probably seen Lake Superior State University’s Banished Word List for 2012.  (I note that “pet parent” made the list, without comment.)  One word I wish would disappear from every rescue post now and forever is “dump” when referring to pets surrendered by their owners to shelters.  I’ve written on this subject before but it’s something I come across daily and it’s grating on me.  So here we are again.

It is entirely reasonable for John Q. Public to draw the conclusion that a place which calls itself a “humane society” reflects the values of an actual humane society, such as what we have here in America.  A recent AP-Petside poll indicates that 71% of Americans believe that shelters should not kill pets but rather reserve euthanasia for medically or behaviorally hopeless cases.

Likewise, any animal facility with the words “shelter”, “prevention of cruelty”, “animal services” or…

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