Exposing the Big Game



BySeth Augenstein | NJ Advance Media for
March 04, 2015
Opponents of a bigger, longer bear hunt charged today that the state is
artificially inflating the number of bruins in New Jersey to placate
hunters, and have vowed to fight a plan to kill more bears each year.

The state’s Fish and Game Council unanimously approved a bear
“management” plan Tuesday that would open the majority of North Jersey
to the hunt adding a total of 633 square miles of new hunting grounds.

The plan would also lengthen the hunt to as much as 16 days each year,
including a week in October, instead of just the current 6-day December
season. The use of bows and arrows would also be allowed.

The bear population is the big contention point, as it has been for more
than a decade of courtroom battles and public protests.

“We’ll be considering all our…

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