Please consider adopting Harley. Please do NOT buy your pet from a Pet Store. This only supports the barbaric puppy mill industry. There are millions of dogs and cats that are homeless and deserve one.

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We had been involved with Spike for over a year. I can’t even remember if the owner called for help or we just saw him chained up. He was an adorable little brindle male pit bull who had very closely cropped ears-pretty sad.  Spike lived with a woman named Kathy. He seemed to really like her and she seemed to really love him. Kathy told us that she got him from some people that had too many dogs that were not well cared for.

Kathy would come out back with us and show us how she danced with Spike, etc. He was at a good body weight, he usually had clean water, had a good dog house up off the ground on a pallet and he was social. He loved it when we stopped by! Compared to a lot of chained dogs, he was certainly not the worst we’d seen.

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