Fight for Rhinos

What is love?

Shot in the chest. Panic, fear, and intense pain engulfs her. Her first  instinct is to run blindly; quickly stumbling through the bush trying to find somewhere safe, some relief for the immensity of the pain. 

But not too fast, not too far. For her heart and other instincts won’t let her stray far from the little one running at her side. She  slows to check  to be sure he is ok. He needs her. She will give her life for him.

Unable to keep going, she slows and falls. Her strength is just not there.  Before her last breath she feeds and nuzzles him…
THIS is love. THIS is what poaching is destroying. THIS is what we’re fighting for. 

13, Feb, Hoedspruit:The rhino cow was shot in the lung, rangers followed the trail of blood, it was too late to help her. The frightened little calf, yet another poaching victim…

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