Michigan Humane Society

We asked our Facebook fans what their pet’s New Year’s Resolutions were for 2015. We got some great responses! We are looking forward to a great year with all of our furry friends!


“Stop begging for bacon grease with those pretty brown eyes that Daddy can’t resist.” – Joanna Mason

“Our pets’ resolution is to once again help the other animals in the care of MHS to find good, loving homes! We look forward to the 2015 Mega March!!!” – Pam Arning


“Bailey plans to stay as cute and cuddly as ever!! …and eat more tots.” – Joanne M. Howard

“To not lick my private parts while we have company, at least not so loudly and passionately… And to not follow such activity with kisses for my humans.” – Jill Martin


“I will stop chasing squirrels up the tree since I can’t get back down and mom has to climb…

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