Michigan Humane Society

This is the first installment of a three series piece on “No-Kill” animal sheltering and what it means. You can read the entire piece in a PDF document here. The second installment on the blog will post on Tuesday, January 20.

DSC_0110 Author Matthew Pepper, with Rhea, a senior Rottweiler that was adopted from MHS.

The Michigan Humane Society (MHS) is often asked, “Are you a no-kill shelter?” – A relevant question, but one without a simple answer.

At MHS, the highest priority is to adopt out every healthy and treatable dog and cat within our care! I am happy to tell you we already accomplished this with all of our healthy animals five years ago! We continue to maintain this amazing work today. I am also proud to tell you that we have just recently (late 2014) achieved 100% placement of our treatable dogs! And MHS is doing this all…

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