Shame on the responsible people for causing the deaths of so many innocent lives.

Exposing the Big Game


By Lauren Villagran / Journal Staff Writer – Las Cruces Bureau
PUBLISHED: Thursday, January 1, 2015

LAS CRUCES [New Mexico] – Nearly 40 dead coyotes dumped in the desert outskirts of Las Cruces, some with wood blocks in their mouths marked with the date they were killed, are the latest sign of the excesses of coyote-killing contests, say advocates who want to see the derbies banned.

At least 10 environmental groups are hoping to push legislation this session outlawing the contests in New Mexico, much as California did last month. They say the contests, which reward participants for the largest number killed or biggest animal shot, serve no legitimate wildlife management purpose.

Supporters of the contests say coyotes are akin to varmints and identify in online forums as “predator callers,” a reference to their use of hand or electronic calling to attract coyotes.

But a co-founder of a local coyote…

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