Exposing the Big Game

On December 3rd, we made history for wildlife! After a long and hard fought battle, the California Fish and Game Commission voted 4 to 1* in favor of a rule that closes the loopholes permitting prizes and inducements for wildlife killing contests, derbies and tournaments that target nongame mammals and furbearers. Read more here in the Huffington Post.

The Commission received tens of thousands of letters in support of our petition calling for a ban on this cruel practice that awards cash and prizes to those who kill the most and largest coyotes, foxes, bobcats and other wild animals.

As President of the California Fish and Game Commission, Michael Sutton said in this exclusive video message, Project Coyote was a leader in this effort and is being increasingly recognized as a leader in state and federal wildlife management reform. President Sutton commends Project Coyote for using science and education…

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