Please sign and share wide. Elephants need our help.


706x410q70don-stealinganimals-subbedmPLEASE sign and share.We must all lend our voices in opposition to this terrible situation and we urge you to sign and share this petition:

Baby elephants abducted from the wild awaiting export to China.

The DSWT has been appalled to hear of the planned transfer of elephant calves and other wild caught animals, from Zimbabwe to Chinese zoos. Having worked for over 35 years in hand-rearing orphaned baby elephants in Kenya and rehabilitating them back into the wild when grown, we have a sound understanding on the physical and emotional needs of elephant calves.

Elephants need space to roam and young elephants, torn from their families, confined to captive environments with no prospect of a life back in the wild suffer severe stress affecting their physical and psychological development and often resulting in death.

As well as independently writing to the Minister…

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