Emilio Cogliani

A Florida man is facing multiple charges after police say he performed an at-home C-section on a dog and cut a puppy’s ears with scissors as a part of an illegal dog breeding operation.

Lazaro Ruiz, 26, was arrested at his residence in Homestead on Monday, months after police began getting reports of dog abuse, the Miami Herald reports. The investigation began in January, after disturbing videos started appearing on YouTube, according to Local 10.

In one video, Doberman puppies were fighting over raw meat in a bathtub.

Warning: Some viewers may find the following video disturbing.

A different home video depicted someone cutting four puppies out of a pit bull’s womb.

Authorities were led to Ruiz last week, after a woman told them she had purchased pit bull puppies from him and witnessed him injecting a mysterious drug into the leg of a female pit bull that was…

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