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Care2 Care2

By Susan Bird

Aleks Gaintseva was hoping to surprise his wife, Natalia, with a new fur coat. He wanted to give her something warm and beautiful to wear during those cold Russian winters. He even wanted her to pick out the precise fur that would make up her new coat. What Alexs didn’t count on was his wife’s better nature.

In Russia, where temperatures are extreme, fur coats are common. Many there mostly see the coat, not the animals who died to create it. When Natalia Gaintseva arrived at the fur farm in Barnaul, Russia, she saw something she hadn’t expected.

She saw the living creature whose life would have to be extinguished in order to provide her with a warm coat. In a flash, everything changed. Natalia decided there would be no coat after all. She gazed at the frightened black fox imprisoned in (her)…

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