RIP Simo. Shame on the person(s) responsible for killing such a loving and innocent living being. Hope Simo gets justice.


10733958_567716583374294_7622265513582938017_nSimo lived in the courtyard between three buildings in the town of Gradiska, Bosnia Herzegovina. He was much loved by several of the tenants of the buildings, who fed and looked after him. Although he was a street dog, he’d been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. One of the tenants sometimes brought him into her flat and let him play with her kittens.

10511301_900275669985604_8527622523906654664_n Simo, when he was alive, spending time in the flat of one of the tenants who cared for him…

Last night Simo was with her in the apartment, and he went out at 2 a.m. Shortly afterwards, his life was brutally taken:  Simo was hanged.

Tenants say they always heard if he barked at strangers, so they assume that a person well-known to Simo was responsible for this atrocity as no one heard anything, they did not hear him bark.

In the morning they found him hanging from a pole, dead. The police were called…

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