Great Cats of the "World"

Serengeti. Seven lions have been killed in Ikona Wildlife Management Area (WMA) located near Park Nyingoti Village here. Preliminary reports suggest that a local pastoralist poisoned the lions after they attacked his cow on Thursday.

Game wardens from Ikorongo Reserve Forest and Grumeti Reserve found the lion carcasses on Thursday as they and the man searched for the missing cow. The chairman of the WMA, Mr Elias Chama, told reporters at the site that local pastoralists had developed a habit of sneaking their cattle into the WMA in the evenings, when all security guards have left.

“The herdsmen managed to chase away the lions before they ate the cow,” Mr Chama said, “and it seems they [herders] poisoned the meat.”

Six of the lions died instantly. Mr Chama described the incident as sabotage. “We have a pack of 16 lions from the same family which have made this WMA…

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