Please help stop this animal abuse.

One Person, One World.

article-2232031-15FBE617000005DC-102_634x635Yet again Spain will torture bulls. Getting tied to a post by its horns and a plank of wood attached to a metal bar doused in pitch – a highly combustible mixture of turpentine and sulphur. While the flames eat the wood
Fiercely hot sparks and embers drip from the burning torches onto the terrified and suffering young bull.

Then released it will be chased around by a screaming laughing crowd. The bulls can’t do much more than run around in pain, often smashing into walls in tying to put out the flames. Stumbling over things placed on the ground to the delight of the crowd. During this time the dripping hot pitch burns the bull’s horns, body, face, nostrils, and eyes and causes tremendous pain – all while spectators cheer and run around the victims hitting them with sticks.

article-2232031-15FBEA19000005DC-89_634x739They cake the poor animal in mud and dust to ”protect” it from the…

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