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Photo: Jelena Paunović
Dog shelter Praca is housing 380 dogs. All of the dogs are vaccinated, cleaned of parasites, and are waiting to be adopted. In less than three years of its existence, approximately 400 dogs were adopted.
At the entrance of the shelter, we were met by two employees who care for the dogs every day. They hosted us in a scant room for the employees. The facilities where veterinarian Adnan Hodzic works are inadequate for providing veterinary services. Everything is far below the standard for proper working conditions for a veterinarian.
Dr. Hodzic’s office contains an examination table for dogs, as well as some medication and tools for disinfection and cleaning of dogs of parasites. Nothing looks as it would on the Animal Planet. It is much worse. The space for storing euthanized dogs should include refrigerators with separate compartments; however, euthanized dogs are…

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