journalists for animals


Written by: Jelena Paunović

Photo: Andjeo Sarajevo

Because of the abandoned dogs that often «bite» citizens during the election campaign, a press conference was held Today in Sarajevo. Organizers of the another conference in a row were Labor Union of high school and elementary education of the Community of high schools of Canton Sarajevo.

They asked for an active involvement of representatives of municipality councils, city government, the Mayor, assembly representatives, ministers, the government, prime minister, inspection, other individuals and institutions.

If authorities continue to ignore the problems, the message is that all legally allowed activities, even the most radical ones, like civil disobedience, boycotts, protests…

While all the media and people buzz about insolvable problem of stray dogs it is still unclear when will public enterprise “Rad” start with killing of dogs.

While we are waiting to see what will happen with this, public enterprise „Komunalac“ and Hygiene Service…

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