Ranjeni-pas-2-Azil-prijatelji-Čakovec1-635x300There are continued reports of dog catchers – ‘Hygiene Services’ –  brutalising and terrorising strays in Bosnia Herzegovina. Dalida Kozlic, lawyer and animal rescuer has filed charges against Hygiene Services  P.E. “Lokum” of Novi Grad for their activities in Sarajevo. You can read full details of these charges here.

The following is a summary of the charges:

bloodThe Hygiene Service does not have a licence. It is an illegal firm financed from the budget funds, which presents a criminal offence of money laundering. Stray dogs caught by the workers of this Hygiene Service have been disappearing under unclear circumstances.

Mustafa Mrkulić, a veterinarian in the veterinarian station “Stup” performs illegal euthanasia of stray dogs for his personal gain. Since euthanasia of stray animals without medical cause (which must be established by an authorized official veterinarian) represents murder of an animal with an intent, and in order to make financial gain…

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