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A Canberra animal rights group has announced they will challenge the ACT government’s planned kangaroo cull in the ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal for the second year in a row.

Animal Liberation ACT spokesperson Carolyn Drew said on Tuesday night she was furious about the government’s plan to continue kangaroo culls across Canberra.

“Here we go again, with the government press release claiming that the slaughter will protect ecosystems and threatened species,” she said.

The organisation managed to delay the cull in 2013, after they applied to ACAT to stop the action.

The tribunal eventually allowed the cull to go ahead, at reduced numbers.

Animal Liberation ACT was among the protestors who said on Tuesday it was prepared to disrupt kangaroo shooters beginning the annual cull this week, as the trial of fertility control announced by Territories Minister Shane Rattenbury was put in doubt.

Mr Rattenbury…

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