Finally, justice catches up with an animal abuser. Hope, this trend will follow.


Lowanda “Peanut” Kilby, the former director of the now defunct Boggs Mountain Humane Shelter in Rabun Co, GA has been found guilty on 60 felony counts by a jury.  Prosecutors say Kilby used the no kill brand to bilk donors into giving money to her “Lucky Dog” program which she then funneled into her personal Paypal account – to the tune of $10 grand.

Screengrab of Kilby's scam programs at the Boggs Mountain shelter [via Metro] Screengrab of Kilby’s scam programs at the Boggs Mountain shelter [via Metro] Regular readers will recall that Kilby ran a pay-to-play scam where she would guarantee dogs at the fake no kill shelter would be allowed to live if they received a sponsorship of $100.  Kilby would pocket the cash, kill the “Lucky Dog”, then send the sponsor a yay-your-sponsored-dog-got-adopted letter.  Kilby was fired in July 2012 after a tenacious Atlanta news reporter received a tip and exposed the scam on the evening news.

After being charged in September 2013 with 60…

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