Animal rescuers have been working around the clock in Bosnia  – but the situation is desperate and rain has started again… So far, no international animal welfare organisations are able to assist with the evacuation and rescue of dogs and cats and rescuers lack enough manpower, cars and also boats to actually get to areas where dogs and cats are stranded and starving. It’s a critical situation.

10300671_10203327971093895_3706517198968774954_nRescuers from Tuzla area (Amila Citakovic, Dutch Lansky and Ivana Tomic with Marianne’s Dog Food Bank and Angel’s Breath) have been in the Samac area which has been severely affected. In the last days they took 300 kilos of dog food, medication for dogs, blankets and many other supplies try to set up a safe place for evacuated dogs. They have managed to get official permission to enter Bosanski Samac from the crisis headquarters of Republika Srpska and are organising an evacuation of dogs in Samac and Orasje…

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