ah-jada-600x300 Two brutal attacks on dogs have been reported this week in Bosnia Herzegovina.

Dog brutally beaten to death in Kotor Varos ( article)
April 30, 2014
English translation:

1959349_307178286097346_709239998119837147_n“The inhumane treatment of animals frequently shocks public in Bosnia and in the region, but what happened in Kotor Varos town does not deserve just verbal condemnation. A dog, its name was Martin, was so savagely beaten that even help that good people provided was futile.

1972511_307177792764062_6356610595001470568_nIt was possible to see that broken bones and injuries were not caused by a firearm, injuries were caused by blunt force. The dog was beaten on its head by some sort of tool, its skull was completely crushed and veterinarians were startled when they saw that the dog was still alive.
10250238_307178186097356_7593832231497191230_nVeterinarians from Banjaluka tried to save the dog, they cleaned the wounds and they tried to clean the skull from bone fragments and to…

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