Almost Holmes

ImageFollowing Pinnacle’s The AdventuresThe Chronicles and The Memoirs;  next out was The Casebook of Solar Pons. It was issued in April of 1975 – only two months after The Memoirs

There’s a neat aspect to this particular Pinnacle edition.The first inside page is a full-page, all text promo for The Praed Street Irregulars. It even quotes Alvin Germeshausen from a toast at a PSI Dinner (I think…). It’s a very neat piece, comparing the PSI to the Baker Street Irregulars. And it references the very last page of the book. Which includes a membership application with some more about the PSI. This isn’t some Society-publication. We’re talking about a major publisher’s paperback edition. It shows the relevance of the PSI back in the day.

The dedication reads, “for Michael Harrison – who more than any other has kept alive the London of Sherlock Holmes…”

Harrison (also a BSI) was…

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