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Earlier today, Verizon made the announcement that it would be “enhancing” its Relevant Mobile Advertising program. This program collects data on your mobile browsing habits so that companies can customize their ads based off your particular interests.

Here’s part of the announcement:

“In addition to the customer information that’s currently part of the program, we will soon use an anonymous, unique identifier we create when you register on our websites. This identifier may allow an advertiser to use information they have about your visits to websites from your desktop computer to deliver marketing messages to mobile devices on our network.”

The practice of selling data to marketers isn’t new, but Verizon’s new program is taking it a step further by also collecting browsing data from your personal computer, even if they aren’t your internet provider. How are they able to do that?

Well, when you register with Verizon’s website to pay a bill or…

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