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I made a lovely little model in Excel, letting me play with all kinds of variables.  The most amazing thing is, no matter what I put in for those variables, there’s a tipping point, where just a few more spay/neuter surgeries per year will bring the population under control, and you only have to go back to maintenance level of s/n, while with less, it’s runaway growth.image001image002

Of course, the real world isn’t so precise.  And there are a lot of factors that will put the brakes on the population explosion.  I put a couple in: that population above a certain level increases infertility and kitten mortality and even higher, 1/4th of the population will die of starvation or disease.  But even that wasn’t enough to slow things down much.

This model doesn’t make a distinction between owned and unowned cats.  In the real world, owned cats are abandoned and…

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